On your way to Europe, Kulata and Kalotina you will receive the best accommodation prices in Sofia. Our unique rustic style hotel offers prices from BGN 40 to BGN 80 per night. We provide transport and can meet you at any place in the city.

You can enjoy beautiful mural paintings in the hotel corridors, which have arranged Bulgarian rulers in chronological order and landmarks. The two projects “Bulgaria in the palm of your hand” and “Guests from the Past” are part of the hotel’s mission to popularize Bulgaria as a cultural destination with deep historical roots. Our folklore programme, combined with a karaoke party will contribute to your unforgettable experience.

In our 24-hour open Inn, you can try delicious home-made food made of high quality products. We offer specialities, vegetarian dishes, fish, chicken, pork and beef dishes.
Our 24-hour open parking area has video surveillance system to ensure the security of your vehicle – whether it’s a bus or a car. Our cultural calendar includes theatre nights, children’s parties and art workshops. You can easily keep track of the cultural events in Sofia from our reception desk. We serve each of our guests with the utmost respect and care for their personal needs. We accept payments with cards, in Euro or USD. The town of Bankya and the Vitosha Mountain are popular destinations close to our hotel and those who wish to visit the city centre at a low price can use the Slivnitsa metro station nearby. The location of the hotel provides a good connection to Iliyantsi and the North Tangent.

In organized groups, the driver will stay for free.

We can offer a perfect 24-hour service and package prices for food and lodging.
Hotel Simona Complex is an excellent stop for your transit trips with delicious
home-made food and drinks!


To the only hotel that presents images of history!

Monika Ivanova