The wedding is a memory that will be engraved in your memory forever!

For a truly fabulous and long wedding about which you and your close people will be talking about enthusiastically after it, sharing your unforgettable stories, a good organization is necessary from the very start, in order for your idea to become a reality. And where you lack experience and knowledge, we will help you and guide you discreetly, as well as a truly talented photographer will capture this unforgettable day for you forever!


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There is nothing more disappointing than a wedding with poorly ordered tables, confused guests, who do not know where to sit, little food in the dishes, a tastelessly decorated wedding table, inappropriate music or impolite waiters…

Not to mention the wedding dress, but even about it, it would be an honor for us to be part of the choice for it if you wish so…

To avoid all this, think well before you choose the restaurant!

We are experienced in fulfilling wedding dreams!

We are experienced in making dreams come true!

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In the Simona complex, you will be the scriptwriter and you will write yourself the script of:

– the theme of your decoration of the restaurant and of the wedding table

the menu and the day of tasting the dishes

the program of your celebration

the wedding cake from our catalog, according to your preferences.

The wedding day requires very good clarity of the concept for the whole event, that’s why we can provide you with an Event Manager, that will take care even of the bride’s makeup …
We will offer you the best and most dedicated photographer and DJ, who will surely accompany you all the time – from the doorstep of your home till the end of the evening !!!

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Our salon and garden are very large, allowing you to have enough space to unleash yourself in passionate dancing or lively folklore rhythms, as well as your guests can be accommodated at discount prices in our cozy folklore rooms. There is nothing lovelier than in the morning to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee together again, to look at the wedding presents or just to laugh freely …!

The future brides and grooms can invite up to 160 guests at our premises.

We offer on your attention our wedding package, where we’ve included the key parts of the organization of a wedding. If necessary, you are welcome to visit us just to have a look around or to get an individual offer … !!!

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