рилски езера

The cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes is one of the most popular natural landmarks in the Bulgarian mountains.

This lake group is located in Damga Ridge of the Northwest Rila at an altitude between 2100 and 2500 m. From bottom to top, the lakes are The Lower Lake, The Fish Lake, The Trefoil, The Twin, The Kidney, The Eye, and The Tear. Above them stands the Lake Peak (2560 m), which reveals a breathtaking view of the whole cirque.

The deepest lake is The Eye – 37,5 m. It is also the deepest cirque lake in Bulgaria. The shallowest one is The Fish Lake. Its depth is only 2,5 m. The lake with the largest area is the Twin. Its water surface is of 91 decares.

The origin of these lakes is glacial. They are connected by a small river flowing from The Tier, and at its lowest point, The Lower Lake, this stream begins the Dzherman River.

The Seven Rila Lakes can be reached by a lift, which goes up to the Rila Lakes Chalet, not far from The Lower Lake. The area is easily accessible and often there are many tourists.

Near the old chalet at the shore of The Fish Lake, the followers of Petar Danov gather each year in August.

You can also take a picture near The Seven Rila Lakes in the Simona Complex Hotel. The lakes are portrayed in the Bulgaria in Miniature Exposition on the second floor of the Hotel.